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We hope you have enjoyed our world, the world of TWA Flight Attendants.

All of the articles, photographs, and short stories have been contributed by TWA Flight Attendants. We are still here, our struggles, our sacrifices, our pride and our camaraderie.

TWA employees always went beyond the requirements of the job.

No matter the challenge, we cared about each other, our passengers and most of all our airline. We are the last legacy of TWA.

TWA set industry standards and the employees of TWA made the standards work. Strikes and corporate raiders could not destroy the spirit of TWA; we were destroyed by our own kind, from within. Greedy management and unscrupulous unions took a knife and cut the heart from TWA. TWA will never fly again; we are now part of aviation history.

If you would like to contact us, please do, your feedback is important. WE may not have our airline, but always know the spirit of TWA still lives in the hearts of all those who know her.

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Kaye Chandler, coordinator for this site chose to retire from the airline industry after 35 years with TWA.

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If you are in Kansas City, please stop by the TWA Museum.

TWA Museum at 10 Richards Road
10 Richards Road
Kansas City, MO 64116


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