800 17 JUL JFK

Working Crew

CAPTAIN Snyder, Steven E.
Captain F/O Kevorkian, Ralph G
F/E Campbell, Richard
Charbonnier, Jacques (FSM)
Charbonnier, Constance
Torche, Melinda D.
Rhoads, Marit E.
Lockhart, Maureen M.
DiLuccio, Debbie C.
Christopher, Janet
Melotin, Grace
Schult, Mike G.
Meade, Sandra J.
Lang, Ray A.
Callas, Dan
Ziemkiewicz, Jill A.
Johnsen, Arlene E.

Rome Crew Deadheading

CAPTAIN Miller, Gideon
F/O Verhaeghe, Rick L.
F/E Eshleman, Douglas
F/E Krick, Oliver
Warren, Lani T. (FSM)
Loffredo, Elaine
Aikens-Bellamy, Sandra
McPherson, Pamela V.
Simmons, Olivia J. 1
Ingenhuett, Lonnie
Braman, Rosie
Kwan, Barbara L. 9
Griffith, Joanne S.
Edwards, Daryl K.
Hull, James R.
Luevano, Eli V. 4
Harkness, Eric W. 0
Dodge, Warren








We Remember


Memorial now on display in the TWA Kansas City Museum

July 17, 1996 TWA's flight 800, New York to Paris bound suddenly exploded minutes into the flight, off the coast of Long Island. Of the 233 people who lost on board that fateful flight were 53 TWA crew and family members. We will never forget.

Remember Us

To the living, we are gone
To the Sorrowful, we will never return.
To the angry, we were cheated.
But to the happy, we are at peace.
And to the faithful, we have never left.

We can not speak, but we can listen.
We can not be seen, but we can be heard.
So as you stand upon a shore,
Gazing at a beautiful sea.
Remember Us.

As you look upon a flower and
admire its simplicity,
Remember Us.

When you sip a coffee,
in a Paris Cafe
Remember Us.


Remember Us in your hearts,
your thoughts and your memories.
Of the times We loved,
the times We cried,
the times we sought, and the times We laughed
for if you always thin of Us,
We will never have gone.


10th Anniversary





Additional TWA employees and family members

CAPTAIN Don Gough & wife F/A Annilee

F/A Paula Carven & son
Joseph Von Hendrich

Retired FSM Frenchy Gasq & mother Claire Gasq

Kathleen Feeny & daughter Deirdre

Retired F/A Pam Lychner & daughters
Katie & Shannon

Agent Elsie Ostachieweiz & daughter Chelsea

Husband of Marit Rhoads, Scott

Retired F/A Patricia & husband Edward

Retired F/A Alecia Carlos Nelson & daughter Twyla

Otis Lamar Allen and Ashton