TWA Airline of the Stars

From the beginning flying has always been the choice of travel for the “rich and famous.”

Often referred to as “The Airline of the Stars”, TWA made sure Hollywood celebrities received the true TWA red carpet treatment.

In the early years, celebrities were among the few who could afford to fly. Flying allowed celebrities to become “bi-coastal”. Living on the East or West coast, airplanes enabled them to travel quickly and easily in one day. When Howard Hughes purchased TWA, Hollywood followed. It was not uncommon for Howard Hughes to commandeer a Constellation just so one of his Hollywood friends could travel to their desired desitination at their leisure.

In Hollywood, TWA had designed a set duplicating the interior of their airplanes. And when Hollywood needed an airplane for a movie or publicity shot - TWA was first in line to assist in all ways possible. TWA was the first to offer VIP lounges for the traveling rich and famous. TWA was the first airline to offer a travel choice of First Class or Coach. Thus ensuring celebrities and other V.I.P’s luxury treatment from airport to airport.

TWA Flight Attendants represented the heartbeat of those exciting years. Personally greeting the multitude of celebrities who considered TWA their airline of choice. TWA Flight Attendants share some of their most unforgettable Star Filled flights. Come fly with us!!!

TWA Celebrity Trivia

Lucille Ball never spoke directly to Flight Attendants because she refused to talk to the "Hired Help".

When Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton traveled on TWA it was always F/C - the entire F/C cabin (which at that time was unheard of).

Audrey Hepburn was a strict vegetarian and always carried her own bottled water years before it became fashionable.

Danny Kaye liked to listen to the children's station on inflight music and he often would sing along outloud.

When Sonny and Cher traveled together - Sonny did all of the talking, she never gave direct eye contact to the Flight Attendants (maybe she was taking lessons from Lucille Ball).

I guess Elisabeth Dole read about Lucille Ball too. I had her on a flight to Lisbon when she was President of the Red Cross. She never said a word to me or the other Flight Attendants. Her aide said, "Mrs. Dole will have this or that." What a b-----!

anita George Hamilton

By far, my favorite working trip was a Polar flight, Montreal-Rome, May 2-3, 1961. George Hamilton was the only passenger in first class and I worked “A” (cabin). He was going on location to film Light in the Piazza. We laughed at nothing and everything for hours at 30,000 feet. Remember the company-supplied Polaroid cameras? Someone snapped 10 or so photos, and I think I have most of them, now deteriorating prints of us doing the life vest and oxygenmask demonstration, and making a fake toast. Hamilton was friendly, unassuming, and kind. He wore a gold chain with an amulet, and said he would never take it off, really a sentimental sort of guy. He invited me to the set in Rome, but remember that rule against dating a passenger? I followed it to the letter. Anyway, I was in love with someone then, someone who strongly--and ironically--resembled George Hamilton.

(Paula Anita Daniels-Walling)Anita & george
P.S. I think George Hamilton has these photos, and the book I wrote. March 12, 2007 when he was doing try-outs to replace Bob Barker on The Price is Right, I went to the taping and gave him the photos, a goofy half-finished poem, and the Big Sur Inn book. I did see a stage person with the packet after the show, so I don't really know if he received it--but he did see a postage stamp-sized photo, the one of him laughing, and he read the book title before I told him to flip it over.

I'm sure I'll never know if he actually walked away with the photos, book, etc. He's a busy man--but at least I made the effort.
They weren't photos he could have seen since 1961, as they were Polaroids.

He was by far the best of the four contenders for Bob Barker's position. Great audience rapport--with all ages. Thinks on his feet, charming, and impeccably dressed--a la BB.

Anita Alan, now retired has pursued a successful career writing.

paul Paul Newman

I was lucky enough to have Mr. Newman on several flights. He never took off his sun glasses and was
about 5 foot nothing. Very nice! What is most impressive about Mr. Newman is his generosity vis his
community charities and children’s camp. Such a loss. Sandee,
I had Paul and one of his daughters coming back from Rome. I was passing menus saying “Hi, my name is Sandee” when he looked up and I stopped in mid sentence when those electric eyes met mine. He was the nicest, most casual and natural passenger ever. He asked to come up to the upper deck (it was closed because we were short staffed) to stretch as they had had a long drive to the airport so I got to open it and be up there just with them for awhile before the service. During the meal he was very interested in the salad cart and he said “you know I make a mean salad dressing myself”. He launched his Newman’s Own line for charity right after that. His daughter thanked me for not letting the other 300 passengers know he was there and described how he was recognized out shopping and they mobbed him even tearing off pieces of his clothes as souvenirs.

I saw him 3 or 4 times after that at race tracks, but never had the pleasure of talking to him again. His arrestingly handsome looks were only surpassed by his character and charm. Nancy

He used to come on board with a 6 pack cooler of beer. Was it Coors or Bud? Yeah he used to keep the sunglasses on. His daughter Nell lives here in Santa Cruz and has Newman’s Own Organics. Tried to get info from their site but it is a tribute now and said their normal site is not available. Paul also was still racing up to a few years ago and was here in San Jose for the Gran Prix circuit. JoAnn

foulplay Foul Play

In 1978 I lived in San Francisco in a wonderful “railroad flat” on the top of the Vallejo Steps in North Beach above my landlady, Mrs. Puccinelli. One day a scout from Paramount Studios knocked on her door and asked to use my apartment for the movie “FOUL PLAY.” They wanted the views but mostly they needed a location where a dwarf could fall from a window into a barrel and roll down a hill. They filmed certain sequences in the apartment but the majority were filmed in a mock-up they created in Hollywood to match every maticulous detail. For 5 or 6 days they worked into the night.

Once I was so tired from jury duty I closed my bedroom door and slept with everyone still there and cables running in from the street. I got to keep the beautiful, custom made curtains and my landlady gave me a couple hundred dollars. I learned later she probably was paid several thousand.

Goldie had just given birth to her second child, Oliver, and was not at all the giggly dingbat she portrayed, but reserved and reflective. Between takes she sat in my kitchen nibbling on her lunch - a small chunk of cheese and tomato juice - and chatted with the crew and me. I remember she spoke of a poem she had read the night before with a theme of absence and separation strengthening love. Soon afterward she divorced her then husband, Bill Hudson. She was very down to earth, couldn’t have been nicer and wore surprisingly little makeup for filming.

stepsOliver is married now and has a sitcom. I saw him for the first time on TV recently and it jogged my memory of having Goldie in my home and I felt very old. I also got to meet Chevy Chase who entertained the outside bystanders with his pratfalls, and the late Billy Bartey. My favorite scene from “FOUL PLAY” my favorite scene is Dudley Moore’s encounter with Goldie in a bar and his apartment.” a classic which, make no mistake, was NOT filmed in my apartment. I miss Dudley Moore! My old apartment is on the left in this photo. Joanna

Vallejo Street Steps looking out on the Bay Bridge

crawford Joan Crawford

I was working a flight from LAX to JFK. A PR guy came down and told me that Joan Crawford, her attorney, and maid were traveling with us today. When the PR guy showed up again. I was, (How do I say, at 20 years of age, shocked, aghast, or surprised?) Here came the attorney in a three piece suit, the maid I don’t remember how she was dressed. “The” Joan Crawford was wearing a dress from JCPenny’s, the type my grandmother would around the house. The dress was a pink gigham with the matching fabric belt, a wig from K-Mart (still with all the curly-curls), she had large blacked framed coke bottle glasses on and penny loafers that were older than me! She sat in 1C, across the aisle from her attorney. I had to ask her to hold her dog. No container or space back then.After I served dinner, she asked me to serve her dog chatueabriand on a china plate on the floor, of course with the sauce! Barbara N.

I have another story regarding Ms. Crawford. I had her in F/C out of Las Vegas where my position was the extra. After the service, Ms. Crawford asked if I had time to play the card game, Gin, with her. I said yes and we played until we reached NY. She was ever so gracious to me and asked for my address so that she could send me a note (which she did and I have to this day). However, at one point she used the F/C lav in flight and when she came out she told me that I didn’t have to clean up after her as the lav was spotless. Sure enough when I checked it the spout was shiny, the floor was wiped and goodness so was the toliet seat. She was “Miss Cleanliness” to a fault. Can’t remember what she wore, but I did take note to the fact that she stood a mere 5’4” (can’t remember with or without heels) as she appeared to me in her films to be much taller than those measurements. Barbara S

crawfordOne of my first celebrities was Joan Crawford. When I took her drink order in FC, she asked for a Gin and Tonic, and then added "please make it is this glass," handing me a scratched up ugly plastic glass. Years later after she died, I read she had a germ fetish of some sort. Mark. K

stewart Jimmy Stewart

I was working a trans-con , I think about 1983, LAX-JFK and as usual we had more than one celebrity. In those days we played old movies and that day we were showing Hitchcocks “The Rope” staring Jimmy Stewart. There were still two seats left on our 1011 and at the last minute the agent came to tell me, I was working first-class aisle, that we had two really special VIPs, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Stewart. He was actually embarrased to learn we were showing one of his movies! He and his wife were so gracious and down to earth, he held my hand to thank me, and I remember because he was on a flight showing one of his movies that Liz Smith wrote about in The Daily News. Maureen

dany kaye Danny Kaye

Working the all-nighter SFO-LAX-JFK on a 707.
We stopped at LAX, and only one passenger was listed for First Class.   Remember we had the F/C lounge and it was used mostly by the F/A’s - not to be for this evening!
Thinking our one F/C pax would be sleeping all night - we were all set, so to say, “lounge around” when to our shock and suprise, the F/C pax boarded at the very last minute, smiled and said he was aware that he was the only person up front - he cannot sleep on airplanes, and would we mind if he shared “our” lounge with us.
As I turned to give this F/C passenger the “look” for invading our coveted lounge are, I found myself looking into the bluest eyes and smiling face of Danny Kaye!   And we talked all night!    What a marvelous man!  And we both shared the same name “Kaye”  Kaye Chandler (webdesigner/videographer)

nureyev Rudolph Nureyev

January 1977...Rudolph Nureyev from JFK to Milan. This was the first time I had him on flight....he liked his champagne with “one ice cube”. He would come on board dressed in some outlandish costume and before landing would change into something a little more conservative (for him)...always carrying the Big Brown Shopping Bag. We became friendly on the flight....the next time he boarded was again my flight in September 1977 from JFK to Athens. When he came to the cabin door, he recognized me with a big hello and kiss saying “Bar-bah-ra” so good to see you and dropped the verbage my usual dah-ling......meaning champagne with one ice cube and I remembered.

Again he came dressed one way and before landing changed, always the Big Brown paper bag. We all commented that he had a “great” toush when he would walk back to his seat. What we flight attendants see and comment on would make you laugh. Nothing ever escaped us. That was the last time I saw Rudy. He became ill shortly after having him on my flight. Barbara S

brenner Yul Brenner

The second time was on a Paris to JFK flight--again a 707--Yul Brenner was in F/C traveling with his current wife/girlfriend?--we had a new F/A working in coach who was determined to meet him.   She grabbed a baby from one of the coach paxs and darted up to F/C to talk with him.   At the time, he was very actively involved with UNICEFF--Her opening line to him was: “Mr. Brenner, my friends would never forgive me if they knew you were on my flight and I didn’t talk to you!”   He was completely gracious to her and spent quite a bit of time talking with her.   And, YES, he was just as sexy in person as he was on the silver screen!!!!! A complete gentleman to the core. Lynne

Heffner Hugh Heffner

No Photoshop here! This is from a charter I worked in November, 1979 taking Hefner, his bodyguard, a few "personal assistants" and about 4 bunnies from LA to Chicago. There were only 12 or 13 total passengers. Hef's photographer took pictures during the flight and later mailed them to the crew. Lynne


kennedy John F. Kennedy Jr.

My encounter with John Kennedy Jr.
I was working #702( 70-ZOO) LAX-JFK all nighter in 1989. John was dating Darryl Hannah at the time and was bi-coastal. He pre-boarded the flight and was seated in F/C.

I was working with a brand new hire who was star struck and couldn’t function when she saw him. I approached him and asked “ Mr. Kennedy may I offer you a beverage, He replied, looking me in the eyes “please just call me John” I said please “ just call me” (We both laughed) and I took his on ground drink order ( red-wine). I went back to the galley to do my inventory and 2 minutes later he approached me with a red wine stain on his white T-Shirt ( with the word NAKED in black across the chest) He asked me if he could access his garment bag to get a different shirt, I showed him where it was hung, he proceeded to remove his shirt ( OH MY GOD) in my galley and then leaned into the closet to get his garment bag. (WHAT A SIGHT) I jokingly said to him that if  he gave me his shirt I would send it out to the cleaners for him and have it available on arrival. He did just that. He gave me his shirt right off his back, and told me to keep it.

I have that shirt to this day, red wine stain and all sealed in a bag. My biggest regret is that I didn’t have him sign it for me.   We met on several more trans-con flights and he was always the perfect gentleman. What a class act! Lynne 

nixon Richard Nixon

July 1981...JFK to Paris. I had former President Richard Nixon on the portion from JFK to Paris to attend Sadat’s funeral. I was working upper deck and had him, his son-in-law, Ed Cox and two Secret Service Agents.

The press was downstairs and was dying to know what he ate and drank. I was told not to reveal anything....but it’s been a long time. Pres. Nixon loved his martini’s and at that time we had prepared Martini mix, and as we all know you would mix one Martini bottle with one either Vodka or Gin for that nice dry martini on the plane. He also loved our Rack of Lamb cooked medium-rare. He was so nice and we talked about many things...one being when I worked a presential charter when he was president and took the press to Little Rock, Arkansas for a football game. There I met Governor Winthrope Rockefeller and had pictures with him and some pictures of Pres. Nixon. Pres. Nixon asked me to come to his office in New York and he would autograph those pictures for me. I didn’t think I could make it to his office and he took some TWA stationery and signed his name for me to keep. Does this mean anything, who knows? I wish I would have sent the pictures to him to autograph. Barbara S

lucciSusan Lucci

I was pulling tickets at LAX one Sunday. Just before we closed the jetway door, a cute short brunnette comes running up completely out of breath. I know her face so I tell her to just relax and Ill help her. I hand the agent her ticket to handle. I throw two of her six bags over my shoulder and off we go down the jetway. We step onto the aircraft and settle her into her first class seat. I asked hows she been and whats new. She says “you dont know me do you?” and I said “well I know your face but honestly I cant remeber your name. I know we’ve flown together before. What are you flying this month?” She looked at me very puzzled. I said   “ Oh   Im sorry, I’m Lynn” and she said “ Hi Lynn Im Susan Lucci” I ran and hid in the back of the 747 for the rest of the flight. Diane

julia Raul Julia

On an all-nighter from JFK to Madrid we had Raul Julia in First Class. It was late into night, all of the passengers had been fed, and most were sleeping. Well I decided to trot up to First Class to see what was happening and get a little dinner for myself. As I rounded the corner into the F/C galley I just stood there staring. At first my mouth was gapping open, then I really started to laugh. Standing in the galley, facing me was Raul Julia. When he saw me he got this rather devilish smile on his face.Bent over with their behinds facing me were three F/A’s all busy involved with Mr. Julia’s crouch. I really started laughing, Raul Julia started laughing and the three busy busy F/A’s suddenly stood up, looked at me with some degree of perception and embarassment of how this all appeared.So what was really going on? Mr. Julia accidently spilled some red wine on his pants and they all were busy with the club soda doing a cleaning thing. We all laughed and then hung out in the galley talking to Mr. Julia well into the night.If only I had my camera - what a Kodak moment. Sadly Mr. Julia passed away a short three months later. What a wonderful man. Kaye (webmaster/videographer)

temple Shirley Temple

”And then the time on the 1011, sitting on the edge of the seat in 1st class to chat with a commuter who I didn’t know but saw often on SFO-IAD. She was very friendly and I asked her if the commute got old.   She said she had grown accustomed to it. I said “most go to JFK.....you are always on the Washington flight?” She replies, “I live in Woodside, but have a place in Georgetown, and this is the easiest way to get there with the job.” We had a nice conversation and unbeknownst to me, we were on two very different pages.”
I went back to the galley and asked my flying partner if he knew the name of that friendlycommuter in 5A. he looked at me as if I were joking and replied   “Shirley Temple Black.” Gary

nelson Ricky Nelson

I was a brand new-hire and on reserve, working a trip as a “extra”, where I would fill in for crews that needed an additional crewmember for full service flights. I had spent the night alone at my hotel in Las Vegas and boarded the airplane alone the next morning in anticipation of meeting the rest of my crew on board the aircraft.

As I boarded the aircraft, I noticed what appeared to be 2 mechanics with their red, shiny, metallic jackets loafing in first class with drinks on the small table between them. I prepared to stow my luggage which was to be placed directly behind the seats where they were seated. Displaying some disgust because of my perception that they were loafing on the job, I rather abruptly asked whether they would please place their seat backs up so that I could place my luggage in the space behind them. They very pleasantly complied with my request. Imagine my embarrassment later, when the agent came on board and asked whether I had met Ricky Nelson and his agent, the gentlemen seated in first class with their red, shiny metallic jackets, almost identical to those used by our TWA mechanics! Janice

campbell Glen Campbell

1972 I was working F/C on the 707. Glen Campbell and his band were on board. They sat in the loung area - that area right across from the galley. We were all the red eye to LAX. The poker game went on all night, the boys drank a lot, and Glen sang. Great fun. We all had dinner together in NY a few weeks later and got together a number of times over the next year. Merry

oneal Shaquille O'Neal

We were on our way to MSY and I was pulling tickets in STL when this extremely tall man came up to the podium.   I took his ticket, looked up to him and said, “You might want to duck going in.”   He just chuckled and proceeded down the jetway.   Two passengers after him, a man said to me, “Do you know who that was?”   I, of course, said no, and he said, “That was Shaquille O’Neal!”
When I got on the plane, I saw he was at the bulkhead in F/C and I said to him that I hadn’t recognized him and that I was sorry.   He just said it was cool and not to worry.   Very nice guy, thank God! :-)   Scott

fonda Jane Fonda

Laying over in PHL, my flying partner & I went to see the premier of the movie “Sylvia” starring Jane Fonda.   Next morning we are working FC/707 nonstop to LAX.   In those days, it was very rare to see a woman flying FC unless she was on pass.   I was working galley.   I saw this woman board.   She looked like hell.   Long, straggly hair. Sunglasses.   Kind of “beatnickish” 70s, casual clothing-very unusual in FC.   I went to take orders.   FC was full.  

The woman was in 2A & the man in 2C was “salesman type” very fat & seemed “smitten” by her.   Couldn’t keep his eyes off her.   Trying to avoid him, I’m sure, she had put her things away, grabbed a blanket & pillow and looked as tho she was going to sleep leaning her head up against the window.   When I got to her, I said “Hi, my name is Nancy, may I have your name please?   Barely moving her head she mumbled something.   I said “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear your name”.   Looking a little peeved, she raised her head a bit, looking straight forward (not at me), she spoke a little louder.   Becoming slightly
annoyed, I spoke a little louder myself “I beg your pardon, but I still couldn’t hear, would you repeat your name please?”   The woman sat straight up, took off her sunglasses, leaned forward and very distinctly stated:   “FON...DA.   JANE   FON..DA!”   All heads in FC raised up.   The guy in 2C, acting like a star struck teen, grinned and said something like   “I knew it was you, I knew...”.She rolled her eyes.   I was very embarassed & felt so sorry for her that she was going to have to spend 4 hrs with this jerk at her ear.   I apologized “...nobody told me you were going to be on board...”   Believe it or not, by the time salad was served, the 2 of them were having a pleasant conversation, even smiling & laughing.  
She turned out to be very pleasant & appreciative.   As she was deplaning, I told her how much we had enjoyed “Sylvia”.   She responded that she was glad & told us how much she had enjoyed her flight!!!     Nancy

rawls Lou Rawls

LAX to LHR, can’t remember flt #.   in the 70’s,747, working the F/C galley.   I was taking dinner orders, seating in 5 D&F, is Lou Rawls and wife CC.   I had met them once before.   Anyway, I’m asking them their choices and all of a sudden I feel a hand on my leg.   I look down, and you got it, Lou is rubbing my leg.   I look him in the eye, with a kindly knock it off look.   He just looks back and smiles.   Needless to say I finished my order taking.   Alittle while later he ask me where he could smoke a funny cig., and it being the 70’s and all, I told him in the lav.   Push plunger down and blow the smoke in drain.   Well, he asks me to show him!   I take him to the F/C lav, open the door, next thing I know, he’s pushed himself in behind me!!   No nothing happened!!   But that was one of the last times I was that helpful!!   Live and learn!    Jane

beatty Warren Beatty

There were many. But one of the best ones, was the look on my parents’ faces when Warren Beatty walked me off the airplane in LAX and said some nice, kind things to my mother. My mom was speechless for about 2 minutes, (a record!) then the incessant questions started... She still tells that story.
We had sat next to each other JFK-LAX, and had chatted intermittantly. He was very nice and very charismatic. And had a great sense of humor, obviously. :-)    Colleen

selleck Tom Selleck

The flight was LAX-JFK back in the late 70’s....I was working R1 on the 1011.   A couple of other flight attendants came dashing up front to tell us that the “Marlboro Man” was coming on board!!   OK - so who’s that??   He was a male model that did print work for Marlboro cigarettes.
Sure, I recognized him when he boarded and he sat in my section.   A very nice, mild-mannered young man, and he was soooo good looking and tall, too!   (I’m a tall stewardess).   I even had to ask him for help when we were replacing a carrier into the galley since it got too heavy with all the dirty silver.   He jumped out of his seat to help!!!

Then dessert time and I rolled out the cart.   He chose ice cream with goodies.   Oh my, just then my thumb slipped and into his bowl of ice cream.   (I only wish I would’ve asked him to lick it off) te-he!!
End of flight, I was up by the coat closet to pass out f/c garment bags.   He stopped and just stood there, as if he was waiting for “something” to be said.   I asked if he was in NY for business or pleasure.   But the traffic behind him was building and he had to leave.   I WISH THAT I WOULD’VE ASKED HIM FOR A DATE!!   He was very nice. So, in the next year I saw him on TV with a new series of his own,   Magnum, P.I. - - - yes, he was Tom Selleck!!!   I am still kicking myself to this day........   Cathi

reeves Christopher Reeve

I was working the 747 upper deck to London and shortly after takeoff I was setting up trays when I heard/felt someone walking up the spiral staircase behind me. I turned to glance back and there was SUPERMAN! He was absolutely gorgeous! He asked me where the lav was and I pointed it out to him with a gaping mouth (may have been drooling a little too.) When Christopher Reeve came out of the lav I apologized for my stunned reaction. He was most gracious and I will never forget what a thrill it was to meet him. Yvonne 

fonda Easy Rider

The time I was flying from ABQ to LAX.. I was working F/C, 727reg.   Peter Fonda, Michelle Phillips and Dennis Hopper, my 3 pax.   I take their orders, and after take-off I go to the galley, pulling the class divider.   I set up drinks, and go thru curtain.   No ONE is in F/C!!!!   I know that they did not come thru the curtain, the cockpit door is locked.   Only 1 place they could be!   That’s right the lav.   I go fwd,   2 knocks on the door, and tell the guys, I can’t believe all 3 are in the lav.   We are laughing about how, where, what are they doing.   All of a sudden we get the very strong scent of smoke.   I am not talking about cigarette smoke.   Well, they came out all laughing, happy, smiling!!   It turned out to be fun!   In the 70’s anything could happened!! Jane

bacharach Burt Bacharach

1969--a great year for International flying--that was back when TWA was known as the airline for the stars! I was flying from London to JFK--the old 707 days.   I was working F/C galley and Burt Bacharach was on board.   We had headwinds and had to stop somewhere for fuel.The F/C door was open and “Burt” came up and asked me for his coat so that he could stand at the door and get some fresh air.   He was absolutely lovely (translated “gorgeous”!!!) and we chatted for a time--but going through my mind was “OMIGOD--he’s married to Angi Dickinson (who at the time had her legs insured for a million dollars!) and do you think he’s writing a song now about this!!!!He was a real class act! Lynne 

shantner William Shatner

Summer of 1981...working first class on a Lockheed 1011 from New York to Los Angeles. Had just bent over to pick up some serving items that were between the first class bathrooms behind the cockpit. Just as I was standing up, Mr. William Shatner came around the corner and somehow I managed to hit him with my derriere in a strategic area of his body. Needless to say was I ever embarrassed and apologized profusely. Mr. Shatner’s reply, “Please, no need to apologize. I enjoyed it”. One of the few times in my life I was rendered speechless. Corena


Roger Moore

I was working UD on the 747 from LHR to ORD. It was a lounge so during the meal service I went doenstairs to help. About half waythrough dinner the Purser told me I’d need to go back upstairs as Mr. Moore, who wasn’t having dinner, had gone upstairs. I climbed back upstairs to discover Roger Moore sitting it the back of the lounge. Those turquoise eyes staring at me!! We were the only ones up there for over an hour. He was a very interesting man as well as a handsome one. The conversation covered many topics and is one I’ll never forget. I was getting paid for this??!! Marty